Wooden Chopsticks

One of the great satisfactions in life is when you snap a pair of wooden chopsticks in half and it splits perfectly.

One of the greatest OCD inducing frustrations in life is when you snap a pair of wooden chopsticks in half and it splits irregularly.


Hotel Confusion

As our family is on vacation, we move from hotel to hotel as we travel.

Today, we came to a hotel with little time to spare, as my brother wanted to go watch a soccer game.

The name of the hotel is Extended Stay America, and we pulled up to the first hotel with that name in the area. We went inside, but it turned out the Extended Stay America hotel room we had reserved was down the street somewhere.

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Question #2

Why is a bus flat in the front?


Wouldn’t it be better aerodynamically if buses had a rounded front like all other cars? It would just cost more money for the gas because of the air resistance created by the flat front.

What I thought was that a flat front would, first of all, make the bus shorter, making it easier for it to turn. Also, it would probably help in the city because sometimes you have to get really close to other cars, and it would be better for a bus to have a flat front to scrape by them.


Would love to hear your thoughts.

Korean Bread vs. American Bread

I would like to start off by saying Korean bread that you buy on the streets is infinitely better than the crap that Americans sell.

I am Korean, but I have lived in America for most of my life (since I was 2). I always lived mostly in the rural regions, so we didn’t have many Korean markets/restaurants around us. So when we go somewhere that has a lot of Korean people/markets, we tend to buy a crapload of stuff to take back.

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Question #1

What is the first animal you can think of that starts with an N?


I randomly thought of this question after looking at a baby mat which associated each letter of the alphabet with an animal. The animal they had put for N was a newt, so I wondered if there wasn’t anything more obvious/generic than that, like a cat for C and a dog for D.

But upon reflection, besides newt, the only other animal I could think of was the nudibranch, which is this cool-looking sea creature, but that’s hardly generic.


Would love you hear your thoughts.