I live in Florida, and with all of the storms and raining that has been going on, our street has been completely flooded.

I never actually thought that flooding would ever affect my life. I always related flooding with some obscure city in South Carolina or something.

But here I am, my street flooded to shin-deep levels, some places being almost knee-levels. My neighbors even busted out their kayak and have been riding around our neighborhood.

We are essentially stranded on our little block of houses, which is a little higher than the street level. My brother had a soccer game, and he had to wade through a couple streets over to reach somewhere that wasn’t that badly flooded and get a ride from someone to the game.

I saw a car, a nice one at that, submerged in the water. It was pretty bad. Some shirtless dudes had been trying to pull it out of the water with a red truck. It was pretty bad.

Honestly, I am envious of those people with trucks which are set really high on their wheels. The water doesn’t even reach the bottom of the truck, so they basically can go wherever they want.

And here we are, with one car that’s 17 years old, malfunctioning, and starts going crazy when somewhat submerged in water and another car which is too small to risk riding in the water.

We have to actually wade across a couple blocks to a less flooded area and get a ride to even get to church.

Anyways, it’s pretty bad here in Florida. But at least the water hasn’t reached our house yet. But it’s been constantly raining, so I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Here are some pictures.




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