Smelly Food

Today, I went to the kitchen late at night to get something to eat.

My parents had bought a variety of bagels, and so I picked one that looked okay and tossed it in the toaster.

As the bagel started to heat up, I took a whiff of the aroma coming out of the toaster, and it was horrible.

It was a cheese bagel I was toasting, and that thing smelled bad.

I ate the bagel afterwards, inhaling the pungent smell, and it didn’t taste bad as it smelled.

And that got me thinking about kimchi, the Korean food that Americans always said smelled like fart.

I realized that Americans had no right to judge us Koreans about our smelly food because they also have a very bad smelling food.

I mean, Americans put cheese in everything. Sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, etc. And it smells very bad at times (although Americans are used to it like Koreans are to kimchi).

So I suppose the moral of the story is: Don’t judge people by what their food smells like, because chances are you eat smelly foods too.

Anyways, that’s it.



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