Stubbed Toes

So recently, I had been walking out of a room, as I usually do. As I walked out, there was a dresser that was right by the doorway.

I wasn’t looking towards that ground at the time; I think I was preoccupied talking to someone. Anyway, as I swung my left foot forward, I hit my pinky toe on the bottom corner of the dresser.

Of course, I did the usual thing and I screamed, fell over, and clutched my toe. I was just lying on the floor, grabbing my foot to dull the pain for a good five minutes.

As the pain slowly began to subside, I risked a look on my pinky toe to assess the damage. But unlike other times, my toe was actually bleeding this time. And the toe had turned into a sickly shade of purple as the blood had rushed under the toenail.

It hurt for a good three days until the pain began to subside. I even pulled out my brother’s old crutches because i couldn’t walk properly.

Now that I had the mother of all stubbed toes, I will always check the ground where I am walking. Especially around cabinets and dressers, or anything with a sharp edge.

And here’s my toe one day after the incident, if you want to see it.


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