I live in Florida, and with all of the storms and raining that has been going on, our street has been completely flooded.

I never actually thought that flooding would ever affect my life. I always related flooding with some obscure city in South Carolina or something.

But here I am, my street flooded to shin-deep levels, some places being almost knee-levels. My neighbors even busted out their kayak and have been riding around our neighborhood. Continue reading “Flooding”


Google Translate Errors

I use Google Translate a lot because I do the translating work for my Korean church.

As I’m translating some of the stuff, I wanted to find a better translation for a Korean word. So I plugged the word into the Google Translate box, and this came out.

Google Translate Mistake

I mean, a typo in Translate? And to top it all off, it was verified (the little check mark).

This means that someone went over this word and even verified it while not knowing how to spell “separately.”

Also, did any of you ever try writing one word over and over again into the Google Translate box? Well, this is what happens:

Google Translate Mistake 2

It doesn’t only have the translation for that one word but has┬ámultiple different translations.

Also, some things are just plain weird. I entered this word once, and it came up with one thing, but when I repeated the word over and over again, some really weird stuff came up.

Google Translate Mistakes 4Google Translate Mistakes 3

I just thought that that was odd.


Anyways, that’s it.


Stubbed Toes

So recently, I had been walking out of a room, as I usually do. As I walked out, there was a dresser that was right by the doorway.

I wasn’t looking towards that ground at the time; I think I was preoccupied talking to someone. Anyway, as I swung my left foot forward, I hit my pinky toe on the bottom corner of the dresser.

Of course, I did the usual thing and I screamed, fell over, and clutched my toe. I was just lying on the floor, grabbing my foot to dull the pain for a good five minutes.

Continue reading “Stubbed Toes”