Recently, my phone got messed up in the rain, so I had to go without for a couple of weeks before I got it replaced by warranty.

And as a teenager who’s always on my phone, I came to understand many things over this period of inactivity.

I play this game called Clash Royale, and I couldn’t access it for the short timespan. I really wanted to play during the first couple of days, but as the days went on, I came to appreciate my time not wasted on the game.

I remembered how I used to get emersed into the game, and how the day flew by as hours were spent on the game.

I remembered the pointless scrolling on YouTube for pointless videos when all of the worthwhile ones were already watched.

I remembered how I always thought in bed at night, “What have I accomplished today?” and realized that I have done nothing.

During the days in which I did not have a phone, I read books a lot more. I created this blog, and my others as well. I finally did a little ACT practice.

I still could access a laptop, so I still had access to technology. I did tend to use the laptop quite a bit more, but it was considerably less technology time over all.

In the end, as I write this blog post on my new phone, I think that although my time apart from my phone was sorely missed, I understand the necessity of it now.

Absences from technology allows us realize how dependent we are on technology, and how many hours are wasted on truly pointless activities.

And with that, I thank you for reading this post.



2 thoughts on “Phones

  1. That was a really insightful and interesting perspective into something I never plan to do. My phone is an extension of my hand so I’m not giving it up!!! Super cool to read what its like though! You became more productive and I wish I was (still not gonna do anything about it). I like the way you write x

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    1. Yeah, I probably won’t ever do it again either. But I probably will try to abstain just a little bit more to be somewhat more productive. Anyways, thanks for the comment!

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