Hotel Confusion

As our family is on vacation, we move from hotel to hotel as we travel.

Today, we came to a hotel with little time to spare, as my brother wanted to go watch a soccer game.

The name of the hotel is Extended Stay America, and we pulled up to the first hotel with that name in the area. We went inside, but it turned out the Extended Stay America hotel room we had reserved was down the street somewhere.

So we hauled ourselves back into the car (it was slightly raining, adding to the uncomfortableness) and we sent to this other hotel. As we approached, there was no sign marking the hotel, so we weren’t sure whether it was our hotel.

We pulled up and went in. It turned out to be some other Marriott hotel that just didn’t have a sign attached to its front.

By then, my brother was really frantic because there wasn’t much time left before the game started.

We got back in the car and found the other Extended Stay America hotel that was a little farther down from the Marriott hotel. We finally went in this time with all of our luggage.

Inside, the receptionist was occupied with some Hispanic couple and was telling them about all of the regular hotel stuff. This went on for around five minutes, during which we just stood around in the hotel.

Finally, the couple left, and my parents conversed with the receptionist. And she told us that we were in the wrong hotel and that our hotel was a little bit further down.

So by this time, we were wet, tired, and anxious, and we just found out that there were three Extended Stay America hotels right next to each other.

Finally, we got all of our luggage (there was a lot of stuff) and we walked to the other Extended Stay America hotel because we couldn’t be bothered to get back in the car.

And when we finally arrived at this third hotel with the same name, the rude receptionist told us that there were no rooms left with two beds. But by this time, we were too tired to argue, and we ended up using the couch bed (disgusting and uncomfortable).

But in the end, my brother got to go to his soccer game on time, so that was fine.

What is the moral of this story? It’s this: Don’t stay at Extended Stay America. I mean, for God’s sake, what hotel franchise has three of its hotels right next to each other just to make it confusing?

Anyways, thanks for reading.



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