Korean Bread vs. American Bread

I would like to start off by saying Korean bread that you buy on the streets is infinitely better than the crap that Americans sell.

I am Korean, but I have lived in America for most of my life (since I was 2). I always lived mostly in the rural regions, so we didn’t have many Korean markets/restaurants around us. So when we go somewhere that has a lot of Korean people/markets, we tend to buy a crapload of stuff to take back.

And now we move on to the topic of bread. My parents went out and bought some Korean bread from a bakery down the street because we were staying at someone’s house in New Jersey with lots of Korean people. And once I ate this bread, I realized what crap that Americans eat compared to it.

I mean, Koreans didn’t even start off with bread. They had rice, and when Westerners came they were the ones who introduced bread to us. But if you go to markets in America, you have bread loaves, bagels, sandwiches, and other types of bread.

Now if you go to a Korean market or bakery, there are so many different options which are each so good that it puts American bread to shame. On top of that, each piece is relatively cheap ($1-$5) so it’s affordable for some good food.

Korean Bread 1Korean Bread 2

So if you’re ever visiting a place that has a Korean bakery, ditch that crappy sandwich place you were going to go for lunch and try out some good Korean bread.

Thanks for reading.



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