A Poem about New York City

I visited New York City today, and I observed many things here that I haven’t before. So I would like to write my thoughts/review about it in the form of a poem. Here it is.

07/19/17: A Poem About New York City

Buildings tower above me
As I walk around NYC.
The smell of cigarettes in the air,
Intermingling with the people.

Times Square- bright screens span the sides of buildings.
Latinos in Disney costumes,
Black people handing out brochures.
I ignore both.

Riding the Metro- so many germs.
Clusters of people in close quarters;
Difficult to navigate.
Almost got caught in the closing door.

I come home;
My feet hurt from walking.
I lie on a couch;
I have a splitting headache.

Thanks for reading.



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